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When you need broken garage door springs repair, or a new garage door, you can count on service excellence from Spanaway to South Hill garage door services.

We also fix off track garage doors, replace non-working openers with new and address noisy, bothersome garage doors when they open and close by silencing them once and for all.

We've been serving customers since 1982 in these locations: Spanaway garage doors, South Hill garage door repairs, Puyallup garage door services, Tacoma, WA and more.

Call us at (253) 875-3200 for a free on-site job quote (emergency, out-of-area and after-hours quotes subject to a fee).


Garage Door Oh, ohs!

Garage Door won't open?

Could be a broken spring

Garage doors usually have two working springs. When one breaks, we recommend replacing both spring because chance are, the second one is ready to snap when you least expect it. We service Spanaway and South Hill garage door repairs.

Broken Torsion Spring

Sometimes things happen

Dented garage doors

If someone backs into the garage door by accident, we'll bring a replacement so you can have access once again.

Dented Garage Door

Angled garage door?

Broken cable or off-track door

Cables can snap under normal wear or stress caused by broken springs. This can cause the garage door to be lower on one side. Call us at (253) 875-3200 to get your door back on track.


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Another benefit, free quotes! Call now at (253) 875-3200 for your free on-site job quote (emergency, out-of-area and after-hours quotes subject to a fee).